Where is Pigeons & Planes' Teenage Angst Has Paid Off Well?

I discovered that it is a thing, went searching, learned stuff, and re-built it.

Today is the 14th of February, 2021 and to this date, I’ve been a fan of the famed Grunge band, Nirvana, for 28 years. At one point, I was what you would consider an obsessive fan. To the point that there was a time when I owned not only the US Cassette and CD Single for Lithium, but also the UK Cassette, and the CDs from Italy, Brazil, and Japan.  

Typing that sentence made me want to type another, one which I actually made a sandwich I am half done with now that I am ready to type it. I’m adding this sentence ex post facto, having realized that the 20+ minutes put into writing this sentence serves as a testament to my continued adoration for Nirvana. There was a time before Napster when you had to own physical copies of any music you wanted to hear, and at that time I could have enjoyed 17 distinctively different recordings of Lithium across 26 cassettes or CDs.  

I am to the point that I think of three totally separate, unique songs whenever I hear or read some mention of Nirvana’s Verse Chorus Verse. There was an incredibly rare collection of discs in the 1990s that were absolutely meaty with rare recordings called Outcesticide. I had scrapped II, III, and IV together before I finally found the full box. I remember when I first heard the name, “Outcesticide,” a suspicion set in that someone with the band has to be behind it. I can’t believe that as of this moment, I still have no idea who actually released those discs. I’m going to straighten up from lunch, come back and look it up, then tell you and roll into the reason you probably came. 

Turns out, Wikipedia provides the answer, making this much quicker and easier than expected. Outcesticide was cobbled together and released by Blue Moon Records. Despite being a sum total of 5 discs, I ended up owning 10 when a friend-of-a-friend traded me his III and IV among a stack of some 25 discs in exchange for a guitar pedal.  

Of course, there was a point when my hard-core-ness faded. I am still a sucker for the odd cover, and you bet your sweet ass I watched Joan Jett front Nirvana at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. What a kickass moment. You have to believe Kurt would approve. Nonetheless, by 2017 I was firmly embedded in electro-swing as my go-to genre. Pandora is cranking some for me as I type this.  

My job in 2017 was in a venue that primarily hosts rock acts, fortunately, so I still got regular opportunities to rock out. One artist that came through with some incredible fucking songs that stuck with me to the point I started my day with their music. After I was well-settled into my workflow for the day, I started wondering if they are still at it, as much as any artist can be in a COVID-19  world.  

Welles played absolutely the shortest set I saw working that job. He played 9 songs and absolutely MELTED FACES. Many of us who were in the building that night became immediate fans. Welles appeared on a network TV show later that year and things seemed to be going well. As is my preferred method of internetting, sure enough Wikipedia has relevant information. His website does too, though, and you should check out wellesmusic.com.  

The Wikipedia article informed me of many things I didn’t previously know about Welles. Things like a couple of previous bands. Oh, and that HE HIMSELF recorded a cover of Heart-Shaped Box! 🤩 I was today years old when I discovered that in 2015, Pigeons & Planes released Teenage Angst Has Paid Off Well which Welles’ Wikipedia article lent to the thought this must be an album.  

Look, I googled as hard and aggressively as I ever have, to the point of trying Bing.com and even WebCrawler. com. It’s not an album. There is almost zero resources about Teenage Angst Has Paid Off Well. I can find a handful of blog-esque pages that mention “hey, this is a thing that’s coming soon. Make sure you listen to Artist (X)!,” but that is all. I can’t even find a full track listing? It seems that the Pigeons & Planes folks have removed just about all traces of this effort. Retracing my steps, I resorted to a different browser figuring maybe Microsoft finally has a decent browser (🧊). Without my go-to extensions, I notice a popup on complex.com encouraging me to sign up for their Pigeons & Planes email list. This led to a new series of searches and involved a phone call to a guy I used to be in a band with.  

I couldn’t remember the password to our old band email @yahoo.com address, but I clearly remember what a nightmare it was to find meaningful emails in that inbox. A couple of those dudes used that email address as their personal address, so the inbox would constantly be littered with what I considered to be junk at the time. It was worth a shot, then, to see if anyone had ever signed that address up for Pigeons & Planes. 

Every now and again, we catch a break. I feel like the right thing to do when you catch a break, is use it to set somebody else up. Given the total lack of information about Pigeons & Planes and their Teenage Angst Has Paid Off Well playlist available otherwise, I’m creating this post in hopes that it may serve for someone else to feel as if they’ve caught a break. 


Here’s what happens now – I post the track list in a table with one column featuring Song – Artist, and the adjacent column links to a source where you can hear the song.  

*Quick Note – A couple tracks seem to be wholly absent from the internet, or primary note and concern is that I was able to turn up ZERO Jeh-sea Wells.I find it bizarre that below, you will find links to Audiomack.com where the original seems to have been hosted. Despite clearly being associated with Teenage Angst Has Paid Off Well, there’s really no further information. 

Something In The Way – Kevin Abstract

Rape Me – JMSN

Heart-Shaped Box – Jeh-sea Wells (Welles!)


Pennyroyal Tea – Little Daylight

All Apologies – Sway Clarke II

About A Girl – Kwamie Liv

Lithium – Sunny & Gabe

Sifting – Conner Youngblood

Smells Like Teen Spirit – Glass Gang

Smells Like Teen Spirit – WATERBED

Breed – Dylan Brady

Negative Creepz – ZelooperZ

School – Gosh Pith

Dumb – Body Cheetah

In Bloom – Kevin Garrett

Come As You Are – Janine and the Mixtape and 4e

Something in the Way – The Blancos