Rivalless Group emerged from Rivalless Guacamole in 2012. Since its reactivation in 2020, Rivalless has had a few different looks.

For millennia, the world trudged through an under-colored, under-seasoned, under-joyed existence.


Then, in the Summer of 2012 –

Rivalless Guacamole was born!

Rivalless Guacamole took less than two months to become an unwieldy full-time-plus job. A fellow in California ordered every week for months. Guy in Pennsylvania ordered some, and sent word that he had shared at work. Over the course of about six weeks, Rivalless Guacamole was shipped to more addresses in Ephrata, PA than any other city by a wide margin. 

Two restaurants featured the Guac on menu items. A reddit comment lead to an order from the UK, and a complementary case of the rare Fuerte variety of avocados was received. The Guacamole thing had juice! 

Rivalless Guacamole met an unceremonious end in the fall of 2012, when the health department turned up at both restaurants simultaneously to put some super-important looking stickers on all products saying “EMBARGOED.” I had only ever heard that word mentioned in international terms. I had to look it up.


I was then given a thorough education on what is and is not permitted under Illinois’ Cottage Food Operation laws. The law was brand new in 2012, and in simply reading newspaper articles and hearing it discussed on talk radio, I thought the law was tailored to allow a business like Rivalless Guacamole. The law itself quite clearly is referring to just prepared foods that are baked, cooked, or otherwise certain to be safe for consumption.

Guacamole, however, was going to require me to ship a sample to a lab to get a Water Activity analysis done. The fact that I was selling from within Illinois to customers NOT in Illinois meant I had to get a certain license from the state. The list of violations that the Health Department handed me all read like a fairly straight-forward check list. Six things To do, and Rivalless Guacamole is off to the races!

Unfortunately, because it is Illinois, each item on the list was in actuality multiple things. The license from the state of Illinois, for instance, required training. Then, to use the license commercially, I would have to turn in paperwork including an associated business registered with the state. Registering a business means a lot of paperwork with the IRS for a Tax Identification Number. I gave it a solid couple of months to find solutions and find a way to make Rivalless Guacamole into an ongoing concern.

Personally, 2012 was a year with four chapters, each of which could stand as its own story. A short while after Rivalless Guac was shut down, my life started to pivot to chapter four. The Rivalless Guacamole Rob of that day rekindled an interest in music. 


He would learn a new instrument in the bass guitar, join a band (Hudson Crossing! Here is a video of us after rewriting the Illinois State Song). Rivalless Guacamole Rob was now Guacamole Groove Rob, and Rivalless slowly sunk into hibernation. I kept the spirit alive, however, by eventually adopting “Rivalless,” as a sort of graffiti tag. 


In late 2020, I got more immersed in the concept of being an internet entrepreneur and had some 25-30 Domain Names tackling different things in different ways. I wanted a way to identify each site as part of the same effort, and since the internet doesn’t know me, it doesn’t care about me. With no reason to use my own name, I started to think of possible business names. One morning, serendipity came knocking.


I got an email from one of the many Domain Registrars I’d used that mentioned a discount on “.group Domains.” I didn’t know that .group domains were a thing! Given that my initials are RG, I immediately saw the opportunity to call everything I get involved in a part of the Rivalless Group, and it filled me with a giddy sort of love-joy!


So, now we have Rivalless.group as a website to support Rivalless Group and all of its endeavors!